White Impact on Red Coroplast

I knew this was going to happen: I have a whole set of photos that I took in the middle of October that were sidelined by my recent weekend trip to New York City. But on the bright side, at least I have something to post while I work my way through those images.

One interesting note about that weekend, especially in light of my trip to Buffalo, is that my Canon S100 took about 40% of my total photos. Its contribution would have been much higher if it hand't spontaneously failed on Saturday evening, just two-thirds of the way through the trip. That makes it the first camera I've owned that actually stopped working instead of simply being superseded.

It will probably be repaired under warranty, especially since this is a known issue with the camera, but it got me thinking just the same.

So as I process my NYC5 photos I'm going to be paying close attention to my 'keeper' rate, both for photos that are worth doing something with – prints, blog posts – and for photos that are personally important even if they're artistically unremarkable. After all, there could be a new camera in my future.

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