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A few final photos from Thursday's show. The way everyone was arranged made it impossible for me to include Hubby Jenkins in any small-group photos, but he was there for all of it. Almost. There was one song that Dom Flemons played from a solo album – My Little Lady – and the other three left the stage for it. I don't know what the usual etiquette is, but it struck me as odd and unsupportive. Even if that's the usual way of doing things, having him come back from the break alone would have been less awkward than having the others leave without a word after playing just a couple of songs.

There are two things that disappointed me out of an otherwise excellent show. One is that they didn't play Your Baby Ain't Sweet Like Mine. They played it in a very similar condensed set from Mountain Jam 2012 – I may have recorded it – and did an awesome job. Extended to over five minutes long, it had everything: a bones solo, cello, scat singing, and even a kazoo. I would have loved to see that again.

The other disappointment: Rhiannon Giddens didn't play the kazoo at all. Sad.

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