Downtown Toronto as seen from Casa Loma.


Riding the Bart

Riding the BART, while nowhere near San Francisco.

Dundas subway station.


Circles and Square

Experiments in negative space.

Toronto Eaton Centre


nine meters

St Michael's hospital, Toronto.


Still Life

A collection of objects.

This was taken for the 20.06 project over on Flickr, which centers on taking photos at 8:06pm (=20:06) on June 20 (=20/06) 2006. If you'd like to see more, click on the photo, which will take you to my flickr account, and from there you can navigate your way to the group pool.

Items of interest, starting in the top left corner, are as follows. The folio is open to a pair of prints of "Cry", the previous image on my blog. There is a 5x7 of the unedited photo, and an 8x11 of the finished work. Next is my Epson R220, a recent purchase which has broadened my perspectives beyond a 700x560 pixel final output. (The photo in this post is 800x600.) It was bought because of the influence of a local photographer friend, who has a lot of other things to take credit for, as well. The watch is an Omega Seamaster automatic chronometer; if that means anything to you you'll appreciate what it means to me. It was a 30th birthday present from Rose, who has been the most important person in my life for over a decade. It is the single most valuable item I own, and the only one that I expect to have for the rest of my life. The tablet's nothing much, but it lets me play, which I don't do nearly enough of. The image "Cry" was done using it. The iPod's mandatory these days, but you can't see what it's playing: "The Sun Shines Down On Me" by Daniel Johnston. I took a photo for him here, with a concept very similar to this one. (No comment). The laptop, if you squint at it just right, shows some of the directions I am planning on taking. ... and deliver me from Swedish furniture.



My first foray into digital art.
The original photograph includes the graffiti.



Breakwater, the Beaches.



Queen subway exit, Toronto Eaton Center

I've been gone for a little while, but I'm back (for) now.

Doing This and That

Victoria Street, Toronto



The only nature I'm interested in
is my own nature.
- Aaron Siskind

Fort York



New construction and old buildings in the rain.

Cityplace development, from the Bathurst street bridge.

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