And Finally…

The last of my photos from Las Vegas – it's time to move on.

(Although I may have just one more in a couple of months.)


As much as I like photos as printed physical objects, there's a lot to be said for backlit displays.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaners to your door for $10.

I never overcame my amazement at just how empty Las Vegas is.



The Chapel at Excalibur, conveniently located between the Pizza Hut and the souvenir shop.

"Celebrate your fairy tale romance with a regal Las Vegas wedding. The Chapel at Excalibur offers you a variety of wedding packages in the grand, traditional setting you’d expect from a castle! …Wedding packages start at $199"

(I was married in a castle three years ago today.)



I have a funny story that involves a gondola, but it will have to wait.

Michelob Bottles One Dollar

Just a short walk from Las Vegas Boulevard on Flamingo.

Absent Las Vegas

It's amazing just how much of Las Vegas is unbuilt or abandoned.

Flying away from the strip – The Strip – and then landing in Toronto created an interesting juxtaposition. The Strip itself is neither large nor dense; Downtown North York rivals it for its impressiveness from the air. And beyond that narrow spine of development the land could easily double for a low-rise industrial complex with acres of pavement, wide roads, and few buildings.

Overwhelming Demand

I don't believe it for a second.




What happens in Vegas occasionally gets photographed, converted to monochrome, and warm-toned.



I can't say that I wasn't overly impressed by the National Atomic Testing Museum. I expected science and inquiry, and perhaps a certain level of contrition for the damage done, but instead found militarism and warmongering.

Too harsh? Perhaps: but what legitimate purpose does a relic from the World Trade Center have in an institution devoted to advancing to the public knowledge of nuclear testing and its role in Nevada?

I also think that this steel I-beam, and all that it's intended to represent, deserves more than being c-clamped to a simple steel tether and marked by a piece of paper that has been badly glued to foam core.

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