You and Atomic Warfare

The film loop shown in the Ground Zero Theatre included people explicitly stating that America's nuclear arsenal is why it won the Cold War. Personally I think that confuses cause and effect.

The peace movement was downplayed, ignored, or trivialized. The attitude in the film loop was that these soldiers, and these weapons, nobly protected the people who were against them, elevating the stature of the military and treating those who did not support them as hypocrites.

Nuclear Weapons Protect Democracy.

Left unasked, let alone answered, is how nations such as Denmark, Canada, Iceland, Greece, Portugal, Finland, Australia, Spain, New Zealand, Brazil, or any other state that chose not to pursue nuclear armament could continue to exist.

(Correct answer, should it have been required: America!)

Also unexplored was the idea of why, if nuclear weapons protect democracy, America is against middle eastern dictatorships acquiring them.

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