the Queen's Wharf

The discovery, examination, and demolition of the 1833 structure took a mere two weeks.

Bathurst and Front Streets, Malibu Developments.

china girl

I could pretend that nothing really meant too much
When I look at my china girl

I used to listen to David Bowie.

These days I prefer Daniel Johnston.

the Rail Lands



Columns and beams in space form the axis of a grid that can be used to define any position in three dimensions. When drawn flat, it forms a six-pointed star, which is the shape of the rune Hagall in the Viking/Norse character set. (The more common anglo-saxon set shows it as a stylized "H"). The name of the rune translates to "Hail", and it stands for the destructive force of nature. More generically it indicates destructive power and sudden setbacks, but also regeneration and rebuilding.

By looking at both meanings, the mythological and the mathematical, this symbol shows me the centre point of space and natural forces. A giant "You Are Here" reminder, if you will, only Here is wherever reassurance is needed in the inevitable turmoil and setbacks of life.

(this particular example is from the Brickworks, Toronto.)



Converging buildings facing Queen Street West.



A brief experiment with camera tossing. The light source is a stationary pair of powerful LED flashlights, one fitted with an R25 filter.

No, I didn't break anything.

"Big Brother"

Keeping a watchful eye.

the Brickworks park.

Protester #2

Another image from the February 19 protest at Queen's Park, Toronto.

Other images from the "cartoon protests" can be found here.



Three Years

Toronto, Canada.

Fallen Chip

An old apple L2 Cache chip, which was probably worth a lot of money when it was new, a long, long time ago.


Route Map

A streetcar reflected in the glass of a sagging route map.

Exhibition Loop, Toronto.



That's just goofy.

Hollywood, California.



At a protest against the editorial cartoons first published in the Jyllands-Posten.

Queen's Park, Toronto.

More photos from the "Mohammed Cartoon" protest in Toronto.


For Another Woman

Flowers that I bought for another woman.

Good luck Vladimira, and happy International Women's Day, everyone.


Natural and manufactured.

The Music Garden

The Louvre

Exploring the architecture of the louver.

this image, and others that look like it, are an intentional foray into digital noise. This image is a three-stop push exposure using ISO800. I personally think that the Olympus E-1 has an excellent grain -- something Canon buyers may not appreciate.

Queen West Alley, Toronto.



Abandoned barriers at the Bathurst street bridge.

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