Columns and beams in space form the axis of a grid that can be used to define any position in three dimensions. When drawn flat, it forms a six-pointed star, which is the shape of the rune Hagall in the Viking/Norse character set. (The more common anglo-saxon set shows it as a stylized "H"). The name of the rune translates to "Hail", and it stands for the destructive force of nature. More generically it indicates destructive power and sudden setbacks, but also regeneration and rebuilding.

By looking at both meanings, the mythological and the mathematical, this symbol shows me the centre point of space and natural forces. A giant "You Are Here" reminder, if you will, only Here is wherever reassurance is needed in the inevitable turmoil and setbacks of life.

(this particular example is from the Brickworks, Toronto.)

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KeithAlanK said...

An awesome entry, m. Brilliant photography with an extremely well-written and personal caption.

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