Street Merchant

Unlicensed street vendors at Spadina and Dundas.

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Street Market

It doesn't take long to recognize the regulars.

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June 23, 1985

"This tree was planted on June 23, 1986, by the Honourable Lily Munro, Minister of Citizenship and Culture, on behalf of the Honourable David Peterson, Premier of Ontario, in memory of the 329 victims of the Air India Disaster which occurred on June 23, 1985."

The bombing of Air India flight 182 remains the largest mass murder in Canadian history. Inderjit Singh Reyat, the Candian-British citizen who made the bomb, pled guilty to 329 counts of manslaughter in exchange for his testimony against two others. Twenty years later, no other individuals have been convicted.

Most of the victims were residents of the Toronto area.

Queen's Park, Toronto.


Four Feet Away

I'm taking 'street' photography a little too literally these days.

Spadina Avenue, Toronto.


Lunch Line

Waiting in line for the chip truck.

New City Hall, Toronto.


Roads and Traffic

Where would you expect to find some of the worst sidewalks in the city?

Outside the Roads and Traffic depot, The Fashion District, Toronto.


It's Here (Summer `05)

A sure sign that summer has begun.

Queen's Park, Toronto.



Real men don't use instruction manuals.

Queen's Park, Toronto.


Queen and Spadina

Taking a few minutes out from the morning commute.


Examining my head.

West Queen Street West, Toronto.


Just Add Water

Toronto's National Yacht Club.


Yellow Flower

Playing in a sprinkler results in my first, and probably only, flower photo.


Skyline Revisited

My favourite view of the city, constantly changing.

Bathurst Street Bridge, Toronto.



A tangle of art at the Music Garden.

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