A figure study in black and white.



Detail of a 1947 Ford Coupe owned by Bruce Wilks, seen on display at the 2007 Wings and Wheels Heritage Festival.

Downsview Park, Toronto.



The motor of a 1965 Plymouth Valiant V200.


Fireworks From Above

Fireworks cover the city north of Bloor on the Victoria Day long weekend.



This was a fun photo to take. A photo outing with my club took me to the graffiti-covered alleys of Queen Street West, all of fifty metres from where I worked. I've been taking photos down this stretch for years. I decided that the photos I took that day would not look like anything anyone else would come away with.

This was taken with my 7-14 ultra-wide lens, which is a beautiful piece of glass that's unmatched in DSLRland. I metered the sky, and used my Olympus E-1 and FL-50 flash to get this photo. Since the FL-50 can't cover the widest focal length, I went the opposite way and tightened the spread as much as I could. I then used this to spotlight sections of the graffiti while under-exposing the rest of the scene.


Climbing Out

A sunset shot from my balcony, catching a plane departing from Pearson International Airport.

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