Lamps of the CN Tower

This is post #1300, figuratively speaking.

And the blog is over ten years old.


CN Tower

I decided that I would work in monochrome as much as possible for September, which is a good indication of how long it's taking me to finish and post photos these days.


cave carrum

Solid advice for any time.

Metal Shop

I wish I had a better photo of this machine from my visit to the TTC's Harvey shop. It may not look like much, but I'm told that it makes the steel panels that line the TTC's escalators. That makes it one of the highlights of my day.


TTC CEO Andy Byford watches as Bombardier Flexity test streetcar 4002 rolls by, seen from inside of the TTC's 1927-vintage Peter Witt heritage car.


Watch Your Step

If you look at "Watch Your Step" for long enough it starts to seem like a threat.

I've been making more of an effort to work in monochrome this month, although my original plan to use it exclusively never worked out. Sometimes colour is important, but I still can't decide if this is one of those times.

Working on the Railroad

From an early friday downtown. I've discovered that I need a really compelling reason to leave the house before noon, but sometimes it's worth it.

I have broken the links to hundreds and hundreds of photos, which will take a long time to repair. The workaround is to replace "photo.matthewpiers" in the link URL with "matthewpiers.smugmug". Awkward, but only temporary.

This is happening because I have revamped matthewpiers dot com. More of what I write and photograph will be going there, so check it out as well.

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