TTC Strike

(No, you weren't.)

Monday, May 29 saw a one-day strike shut down the Toronto Transit Commission.
A short photo essay can be found on my other website.


Bike Week - The Orange Rocket


To kick off bike week, Amalgamated Transit Union Local 113 threw an illegal one-day strike. Here, a reveler gets into the spirit of the festivities by getting good use out of the Spidina Avenue private right-of-way.



The Rail Lands, Toronto.


The Light and the End of the Tunnel

The Sheppard subway and Leslie station.


Merge #2

Variation on a theme.


for Daniel Johnston

It's been over a year since I first noticed a song by Daniel Johnston, "Come See Me Tonight," which made its way onto my iPod via a compilation CD. It was distinctive, to put it nicely: harsh musicianship and vocal qualities that even I could match. I couldn't stop listening to it. There was a rawness and honesty to its longing unlike anything else I had heard.

Two albums later, and more in my future, I can say that I am a fan of this deeply troubled artist. If I could have the vision as a photographer that he has as a musician, I would be very satisfied with my work. But, if there was a deal with the devil and I would also have to take his illness, I would not.

Daniel Johnston resources on the web:

His official web site, Hi, How Are You?
His official fan site, Rejected Unknown
and a biography at Wikipedia

Currently - and briefly - playing in a few theaters is the documentary "The Devil and Daniel Johnston." Sony has a website for the movie, with a lot of information and the theatrical trailer. The trailer is a fair representation of the movie, and provides an easy way to hear some of his music.




Reading the walls under the expressway.



Living conditions under the Bathurst street bridge, within a few hundred metres of two major condo developments.



Looking for a way out of this miserable place.



Hanging out where the kids are.

Abanonded brickworks outside of Toronto.


Tiffany Falls

The water was still running, even though the waterfall was closed.

The lower falls of Tiffany Creek, Ancaster, Ontario

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