I'm a little surprised that it took me this long to get here, but this is finally the 1000th photo taken with my D800.

While I can't read the name of the boat – the angle's wrong, even if there was enough resolution – I'm willing to bet that the person onboard isn't wearing a hat. And I can see that the plane directly above the sail already has its landing gear down.



This is one of my three favourite hammers, photographed using a flashlight during a long exposure.

This is also the first photo that I've posted that I took with the D800 and 85mm PC-E lens. Taken at f/16, this is actually a bad example of the camera's ability to capture detail, as diffraction has considerably reduced the peak sharpness. I'd still consider it 'good enough' and will have no hesitation in using this combination when I need large prints.


Blue Siding

Really, if they didn't want me to trespass, they shouldn't have painted the building blue.

(I had to walk past three other warning signs to reach this one. They're very protective of their parking lot.)


230,000 Volts

I have it on good authority that there's no point in photographing anything but flowers in the spring, because the trees are bare and ugly.


Involving Yellow

One of the best things about travelling is being able to photograph signs with different wording, or even in different languages.

Ottawa, Ontario.


Reconciliation II

My D700 and 105VR went to Ottawa, so it made sense to take my D800 and 50/1.4G there, as well.

I took more time and did a better job with Reconciliation, the monument to peace keepers, in my earlier trip. But my approach has changed a lot since then as well, which adds a degree of interest to this photo that it otherwise would lack.


#290, Out

This is one of those standard photos that I keep trying to take, and it's inevitable that I'll try it out with each new camera and lens.

This is with the D800 and 50mm f/1.4G, and is the best I've done so far. Most of my SLRs have had grid screens, but the D800 lets me switch that for a dual-axis electronic level which provides much more useful feedback. Considering how much of my photography involves strictly controlled geometry, this is going to be a huge help.

I have broken the links to hundreds and hundreds of photos, which will take a long time to repair. The workaround is to replace "photo.matthewpiers" in the link URL with "matthewpiers.smugmug". Awkward, but only temporary.

This is happening because I have revamped matthewpiers dot com. More of what I write and photograph will be going there, so check it out as well.

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