Toronto Lights

There's a new addition to the Christmas lights this year.

Toronto City Hall.



Not the mightiest waterfall, and not even the one I got closest to.

Webster's Falls, Dundas, Ontario


Welcome to Webster's Falls.

Dundas, Ontario.



Christmas trees at a corner market.

Queen Street West.


Snow Route

Summer's over, but some things are eternal.

Trinity Bellwoods Park.



The home of a garment factory on Spadina Avenue, now empty.

The textile mills were the earliest industry here, establishing the identity of the area that it's still known by today. This factory was the last holdout in a neighbourhood now dominated by condos, offices and - its legacy - fur and fabrics retailers.

The Fashion District.



A staple image from downtown Toronto.

Queen street west


A Sense of Place

I've previously posted this under the title 'Home', but re-edited it from scratch for the "Our City" clinic at my camera club.

It won me my first ribbon.

That Time Again

No, I didn't dangle the little girl dog over the tub just for this photo. It was time for her bath anyway.



Advertising is taking over more and more public space,
equalling the visual blight of vandalism and graffiti.
Sometimes, though, there's no better response.

Streetcar shelter, Spadina Avenue.



I'm not as tough as I seem.

The Brickworks in the dark is an intimidating place to work, with no ambient light and the noise of constant water movement all around. I've taken many photos in and around the old buildings, but this is my only photograph of how it feels.

Twenty two photos taken over the course of 2005 can be found on my other website.


Broken Window

Broken photographs lying in a back alley in the rain.

They aren't even mine.


A vacant house burned.

View the full series here.


Moving Camera

My favourite view of the city, constantly changing.

This was taken from the Bathurst street bridge, with the camera firmly pressed against the handrail as several trucks and a streetcar went by. No additional blur effects have been used. This is an eight second exposure with an R72 IR-pass filter.

It seems fitting that my 185th post is using the same camera as the first.

updated 30 nov 05: this is a second, more extreme version of this photo. I have re-edited it to bring out the grain of the long exposure and better control the colour. The original edit can still be seen here for comparison.

Season's Greetings

Finally, my photo of hallowe'en.

the Brickworks park.


Machine Age #2

A few feet to the right, six months later.

the Brickworks.

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