Bleeds Pink

I don't usually do this, but:

The second image should be an actual-pixels (100%) magnification of the top image. There's something to be said for putting a Sigma 35/1.4 on a Nikon D800.

As for the actual content of the image, well, I'm not sure that there's much more to say.


OCMS 2013.08.23

Old Crow Medicine Show – with guest Daniel Romano – at the Danforth Music Hall, Toronto, 23 August 2013.

Spot the Canadian

Quick: guess which one of these five people is from Welland, Ontario.

(Check your answer here.)


Wall & King

The central business district.


Magnolia Fine Jewelry

Another photo mostly from New York City.


New York and Company

An unremarkable record shot, to be sure, but it appeals to me. "The Diner" on the left is where Brett and I stopped for lunch while walking through New York's financial district six weeks ago today.

It's also amazing just how much of New York looks like Toronto.

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