Larus Delawarensis landing

A ring-billed gull lands on the lake.

Ontario Place breakwater.



With the days so short, I can't be afraid of the dark or intimidated by noise.


Walking Home

Single nature lovers wanted.

I wish I had taken this photo last night, five months later.



Giant chess pieces disguised as a balusters.

Olympus E-300, 50 f/2 macro lens wide open, iso800 and 1/250s.


No Angel

Shopping on Queen West.



Every exit is an entrance somewhere else.

Queen West alleyway.


Misty Mooring

National Yacht Club, Toronto Harbour.


Things Past

This is an older photo, taken October 8, 2005. It was taken on a field trip with my mother, whom I miss very much.



Taking a few quiet moments down at the lake.

I can't post this photo without a link to the funniest cartoon I've read on the web:
What the Duck by Aaron Johnson.


On the way to Davisville station, as seen from the last subway car.


Summerhill subway station as seen from the last car.


Everyone Deserves Music

Another image of Michael Franti and Spearhead, taken with my little camera phone.

November 3, "Yell Fire!" U.S. Fall Tour, The Guvernment.


Yell Fire!

The sign on the door said "no professional cameras". This was taken by my camera phone -- a first for my blog.

Michael Franti and Spearhead, "Yell Fire!" U.S. Fall Tour, The Guvernment.

A big man who takes a big stand: Michael put on a great show. I was introduced to him about fourteen years ago, after my eldest brother played a spoken-word CD that the Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy provided musical backing to. I've been listening to him since, with solo CDs, Spearhead disks, and even a dog-chewed Hiphoprisy CD in my collection.

His latest album, "Yell Fire!" is a tremendous work and worth whatever it costs to buy.


Day of the Dead

Dancers at a festival to celebrate the Mexican festival of the Day of the Dead.

Harbourfront Centre.

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