The Loneliest Road

In 1986 LIFE magazine called this stretch of highway 'the loneliest road in America'.
This claim is now the base for tourism promotion in the area.
If you can't beat them, join them.

Highway 50, Nevada.


Water and Rocks

The immovable objects and the irresistible force that shapes them.

Zion National Park, Utah.


Bryce Canyon

Looking down at the hoodoos, from one tree to another.

Main amphitheater, Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah.


Gone Again

It feels like I've just come back and now I'm leaving again.
All I can promise is that there'll be no updates here for a week,
and that I'll have an interesting time.

This photo was taken at Pearson Airport the last time I left.


One Minute at City Hall

Toronto's Nathan Philips Square and City Hall.

This is a one-minute midday exposure with the Olympus 7-14 ultra-wide-angle lens, which does not accept filters. Colour has been returned to the image in Photoshop.



The airshow.

Overlooking the Canadian National Exhibition grounds.

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