This is the 565th photo I've posted in the four years and four months that I've been doing this blog.

That's not too remarkable - but this is the first time a film camera has made an appearance.

As a 12x18 print, this got strong but scattered reaction in my club's print clinic. So I reshot it with my E-3, using six tiles in a 2x3 panorama, and each of those tiles was built out of five frames run through Photoacute for noise and its resolution increase. I printed the resulting file in four sheets, pieced together to form a single image two feet high and three feet wide. I had to downsample the image to get it to print that small.

It took an Honourable Mention at my club's print competition.

As Paula Scher said, make it bigger.


Negative Space

I was so pleased that my evaluation group didn't recognize where this was taken that I'm not going to spoil the mystery here.


i, reach little man

Q: What's the best way to ward off image theft?
A: Keep taking the kinds of pictures you do.

Aaron Johnson, WTD



From Queen's Royal Park.

This is a panorama giving 16 megapixels - still better than Harry's new camera.


Fort Niagara

Fort Niagara, from Queen's Royal Park.

This is a panorama giving 24.2 megapixels - even better than CJ's new camera.



Queen's Royal Park,
Niagara On The Lake.

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