Buffalo Stores

Of these three only one was clearly open for business, and it was part of a four-brand franchise. It certainly made a strong opening statement about what the employment prospects for young people in Buffalo are like.

I don't know if the Visitor Center was open or not. I didn't see anyone going in or out, but I'm pretty sure that I was the only tourist on Main Street on that thursday afternoon. But I did notice people inside other stores that looked dark from the street, so either tinted windows are very popular or there's a strong energy-conservation ethic. Either way, it didn't come across as being particularly inviting.


Keith Alan K said...

According to family legend I was conceived in downtown Buffalo. My grandfather owned Iggy's Tavern, and raised his family in the apartment on the 2nd floor. Some of my earliest memories are of shooting pool with scruffy alcoholics and washing glasses behind the bar.

Matthew Robertson said...

It's funny that you should say that. I thought of you with each of the "Texas" references that I found.

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