Best of 2009: #375, Helvetica in Black on Grey

On May 23, I was on the subway heading out to Scarborough to continue a photo series along Kingston Road. One of the first photos that I took that morning, this shot is a giant sign behind glass on the grocery store that I shopped in when I briefly lived on Woodbine north of Queen street. It was something of a photographic warm-up for me, since I wasn't at my anticipated starting point yet.

It turned out that the part of Kingston Road that I'd already visited was the most interesting, and I didn't get any decent photos from my intended subject. I did get three other photos that I used here, so it was still a good trip.

First posted here on May 24, this photo started my 'weekly project' series that has helped to keep me taking 'fun' photos on a regular basis. For this version, I've returned a little bit of colour to the image, which shows the reflections in the window. You can't see my reflection in the window because I was using my 85mm tilt-shift lens. That's my main 'work' lens, so it doesn't come out to play very much, but it still contributes three of the eight images that I've picked as my best of 2009.

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