#887, "5202"; #888, "5203"

I took Stumpy for a ride to Downsview TTC Station, and one of my favourite photos was of a stationary train. Sometimes I think that I can take the sort of photo that I like almost no matter where I am, and in this case, it's almost literally true.

You'll notice that I say that one of my favourites is of a stationary train, but that there are two of them here. The first photo, #887 ("5202") doesn't quite work for me. The second photo, #888, does. Some extra cropping on #887 helps it, that brings it to on 72% of the original frame, which I hate. For comparison, #888 is 94%, and #887 as shown here is 87%, which may be one reason why I don't like it as much.

I'm a little worried that I'm getting odder as I get older.

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