Best of 2009: #279, Futura on White Plastic

This is a detail from the sign of David Mirvish Books, taken on the last Sunday that the store was open to the public. It has since reduced its operations to web-only sales of books of and about art. It's located on a side street beside Honest Ed's discount store, which is only one of the reasons why the Mirvish name should be familiar to everyone in Toronto. My home is about a block from where this photo was taken.

This was taken with my E-3 and 50-200 lens, a combination that I rarely use for casual 'street' photography. It's a very large, very long lens that makes me even more self-conscious than usual when I'm photographing around people.

Shot on February 22, this photo was originally posted here on March 21. I've refined the processing since then, but it's essentially unchanged.

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