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"Keepright" is the alias that I use on most of the internet forums that I visit. I don't hide my real name – otherwise this post would be somewhat foolish – but sometimes going by something a little less personal fits in better with the community. As a result I'm always looking for signs that I can use for an avatar icon.

I've found a friend for my D800: this photo was taken with a Nikon V1. This is the 'advanced' camera from Nikon's first attempt at a mirrorless system, and its price recently crashed. I've bought the camera and three lenses for less than what the basic zoom kit originally sold for, and at that it's a pretty good deal.

I had been thinking about a better little camera for quite a while, at least by my standards. My trip to Buffalo in September proved just how useful a small camera – smaller than my Panasonic GH1 – can be. My trip to New York in October, where my S100 failed, started me shopping. And then the Santa Claus Parade, in mid-November, reminded me of why I so rarely bring out my GH1 and 14-140mm lens any more, but how useful that combination is.

What sold me on the V1, price aside, is that it uses the same battery and charger as my D800 and my brothers' D7000. That's going to be a huge advantage for me in 2013.

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