#274, Hunting Moosehead

While I was on my field trip to the northern reaches of the city, I spotted this evidence of impromptu target practice.

While Keith would probably mock this for using an air gun, I'm going to mock it for using a CO2-powered air gun. They've fallen out of favour with the ten-meter air pistol shooters - it's an Olympic sport, you know - because they don't deliver a consistent charge and impair the accuracy of the gun.

Photographers can be so judgmental when people use inferior equipment....

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Keith Alan K said...

Nothing wrong with air guns.
I have 3 (plus a classic BB gun styled like the M1Carbine) although once I found Aguila Colibri ammo for my .22 pistol they don't get much use. (20 gr bullet; no powder, just primer. You can shoot indoors!)
I hated CO2 for the cost, but I can see how they would be inconsistent, too.

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