Vines are something of a standard subject for me – the results are never particularly significant, but they're plentiful where I am.

The first image is from today, taken with the Sigma DP3 Merrill. The joke is that it's essentially a film camera, with the only argument being about which format best captures its essence. The second photo is from my Zeiss Ikon and dedicated 35mm film scanner, which is about as good as small format gets; the third photo is from my Fuji GX680, which is an excellent medium format camera, but the flatbed scanner gives results that can only be called 'atmospheric'.

The DP3M really does have absurd resolution. These film cameras pose no challenge at all, although a decent scan of a good 6x8cm negative would be interesting to see. I haven't yet tried it against my D800, but I did do an impromptu head-to-head with a new 50Mpx CMOS Hasselblad. It might not mean much, but I'm certainly satisfied.

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