Five Chicago Singles

Chicago has a lot of parking garages, and they're going to be the subject of a photo series or two. But this photo won't fit any of them, and I still wanted to point out that – as nice as it is to get away from the traditional lettering style – this is by far the ugliest stop sign I've ever seen.

That cosmetic surgery clinic's logo deserves some serious contemplation. I've heard that many of Freud's theories have been discredited, but still.

Also widely discredited and thoroughly mocked is this Cole Haan ad. Yes, it's a bit hard to see at this size, but the guy who was unable to find a pair of socks to match his car is indeed intently staring at the iso selection dial on the back of his film Leica. Perhaps if he wasn't being such a camera-tool he would have noticed the attractive woman who looked like she wanted to talk to him.

"Prince Commons" struck me as a particularly disneyfied spin on the monarchy that would only happen in America.

My first thought on seeing this sign is that its priorities seem reversed – a people career academy that trains animals might be more useful, but perhaps that market is already over-served. It's only on further reflection that I also think that Futura is a poor font choice, and that its kerning is really terrible.

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