#859, Black on Grey

This untitled painting by Mark Rothko is currently on display at MoMA.

It's an unusual work for Rothko, being minimalist and monochrome in a way that he rarely is. I had never seen it before, but had no doubt who the artist was - even though it has a white border.

I love the radiance of this photo. It makes it look the way I feel.

Some of the modern artists don't do it for me - from opposite extremes, I've never been moved by a Pollock or Warhol. Cy Twombly and Jasper Johns impress me, On Kawara and Piet Mondrian fascinate me; the audacity and scale of Barnett Newman is an inspiration. There's plenty of art that makes me smile, or think, or stop and look. But nothing else makes me stand rapt the way Rothko's colour field paintings do.

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