This past weekend was my second time photographing Coney Island's summer-starting parade, and it's going to take a while to sort through and see what I have to show from it. My quick take is that there should be a few interesting sets that can come out of it, but time will tell.

The score was 1375 photos taken with my D800, of which 1101 were of the parade and taken with my 85/1.8D, and 274 were with my 50/1.4G, which was used for everything else. The Canon S100 took 104 photos, and I used my XA to shoot one roll of black and white and about ten frames in colour.

Once all the dust has settled I'll see what the numbers are for my best and/or favourite photos – it's always interesting to see the differences between what gets used and what works.

But until then, I still have a few photos that haven't made it to these pages yet, so at least there's a few more updates to go before I need to have more Coney photos ready. This one is just quick jpeg from the D800 – simply importing the raw photos is going to be quite the task.

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