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A little change of pace.

These photos were taken with my newest acquisition, the legendary Nikon F5. It's not the last film camera they made, or even their last pro film camera, but it is unquestionably their best. Every top-of-the-line body that Nikon has built since then is a direct descendent from the F5, and it set the pattern for every other Nikon camera as well.

The change of pace is more than a different camera, though.

I've had a minor burst of creativity as I prepare for my next day trip to Manhattan and Coney Island. Trying new combinations, learning the gear, making sure my sunblock won't melt the rubber on the camera – not a joke, it happened to me last year – has had me out with the camera a lot recently. But with the trip only two weeks away, now it's time to put down the camera, recharge, and refocus.

My new concentration is on post-processing. I've been working with the newly-D800-compatible DxO Optics trial on some of my favourite recent images, both to find out if it's worth the extra time, effort, and $200US, as well as to get all of my workflow ducks in a row before I try to squeeze 1500+ photos through this digital toothpaste tube. If the results are interesting then I'll post them here.

There is some new material still to come, though. I have about four days' worth of work to scan in a couple more rolls of film, and I'm also working through the roll of XP2 that has the RC Harris photos on it. Plus I'm hoping to have a happy announcement in the next day or two…

Busy times.

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