Snowy Streets

Toronto had a bit of snow yesterday – apparently 25cm is the best we've managed in five years. It seemed like a good day to get out with the cameras again, which I don't do nearly as much as I used to. It took better than an hour to line up all of my gear for the excursion, since I hadn't used my winter boots or my Olympus E-1 in ages, but it all worked properly once I was outside.

First photo: Spadina Crescent, which is normally a broad three lanes with a fourth lane for the streetcar, reduced to a shadow of its normal self. Shortly after this photo was taken a plow truck and a grader came through, but still only cleared half of the road.

Second photo: Ordering food for delivery during a snowstorm feels like cheating, especially when the restaurant is just a block away. This is Spadina Avenue at Sussex.

Third photo: Lazily falling flakes is a completely different experience from wind-driven snow. Huron south of Sussex.

Forth photo: A Mini has a hard time with the loose snow that the graders had plowed across Spadina Avenue as they scraped along College street. It was cold enough that the traffic wasn't melting the snow, which would have produced very messy slush, but instead it was balled up until it gave less traction than loose sand. And yes, I did help out after I put the cameras down.

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