Please Do Not Feed

Pigeons are a bunch of ugly, arrogant, lazy birds with no redeeming value. They get so fat that they lose the ability to fly more than a few flaps, and resort to walking from place to place.

Gulls are okay.
Gulls can actually fly.


Zzakk said...

In the interest of equal time for alternate views: http://zzakksgarage.blogspot.com/2005/10/anti-pigeon-agenda.html

Matthew Robertson said...

That photo, of course, was why I posted this one...

... it was nice to see such a fit-looking pigeon. Compare the size of the different cities' birds: these Toronto pigeons are ridiculously fat.

I have broken the links to hundreds and hundreds of photos, which will take a long time to repair. The workaround is to replace "photo.matthewpiers" in the link URL with "matthewpiers.smugmug". Awkward, but only temporary.

This is happening because I have revamped matthewpiers dot com. More of what I write and photograph will be going there, so check it out as well.

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