Narrow depth of field at 150mm (4/3) using f4.5.
This image has had very minimal selective sharpening, owing to iso800 noise, and no blur or noise reduction to soften it.


RW said...

Narrow DOF and I would also say perfect for this shot DOF. Really lifts the little bird into its own.

KeithAlanK said...

I ran it through NeatImage and the bird came out the other end completely unscathed. But the original really isn't noisy enough to worry about. Nice bird.

(Mnweziq: How the beer drinkers in Mozambique pronounce "What's up?")

Matthew Robertson said...

Thanks, RW - and I love your site. Everyone who reads this should click on the "RW" link to visit neverhappen.com. This was one of those times when my settings from the last shot were perfect for the next shot. I was lucky - this little bird was gone before I could set a second frame.

K, I've never tried using noise reduction software. Maybe I'm just tolerant of noise, maybe I distrust magic... and maybe I'm just too lazy to figure out a new trick. (and maybe I compensated for all of the preceding by buying an expensive camera.) I find that I'm doing less editing as time goes on. Raw conversion's mostly done on automatic, it's cropped and sized, and - for the most part - ignored, never to see the light of blogger. So it goes.

I have broken the links to hundreds and hundreds of photos, which will take a long time to repair. The workaround is to replace "photo.matthewpiers" in the link URL with "matthewpiers.smugmug". Awkward, but only temporary.

This is happening because I have revamped matthewpiers dot com. More of what I write and photograph will be going there, so check it out as well.

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