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I didn't have much of a plan or pattern for photography in my fifth visit to New York City, and my editing and post-processing is proceeding the same way. I have many photos that I like, but few of them tie together, so they'll be posted here in no particular order.

This happens to be one of my last photos from the trip, as it was taken around 4pm on Sunday, October 28. This was when I still didn't think that catching my bus home that evening would be all that big of a deal. Fortunately, I found out otherwise early enough to make a difference.

After a flurry of panic and setting a couple of speed records for Manhattan sidewalks – in both the 'unencumbered' and 'with luggage' categories – I was in the line for the Greyhound to Toronto shortly after 5:30. Penny joined me around 7pm, and we boarded at 8:30. I didn't really relax until we were out of Manhattan, and it was a narrow escape at that. The Port Authority closed the bus station at 9:45pm, and it didn't reopen until noon on the following Friday.

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