#942, Faded

I'm still working on picking and finishing my favourites from Coney Island, and haven't taken any photos in the month since – except for my regular daily photo project that I'm doing with my little compact camera. So instead of having anything new to show, I have some other photos that I like that didn't get included in the first round of picks.

Plans for my next trip are starting to come together – I'll be going back in seven weeks.


#043, Clean Streets

The slogan on the garbage can reads "Clean Streets Clean Beaches".

The building in the background is Nathan's Famous, reputed to be the birthplace of the hotdog. I decided that I'd rather eat at Honest Ed's, and kept my reputation for subsisting on Subway and McDonalds for yet another road trip.

(I have no idea what to make of the freaky baby head.)


#094, Beach

Coney Island's beach faces south, so it's always in the sun.


#935, Boardwalk

Save Coney Island – development has threatened to replace the amusement parks with condominiums.


#081, Plaster

A detail from the former Child's Restaurant building, vacant since the 1950s. It was recently revived as a home to the Dreamland Roller Rink, but after two years of activity it now sits empty again.


#077, United Transport

It turns out that the school bus depot is a very photogenic spot along the boardwalk.


#053, Furniture

None of the photos that I'm posting from Coney Island are the final images. These are essentially proofs or work prints – if such a thing exists digitally – that I'm using to refine my selections.

That said, I really like this one, and it may be my best.


#056, Cyclone

Closed amusement parks have a certain charm.


#937, Wonder Wheel

The border guards were wondering why I'd want to go to Coney Island when the rides weren't running yet.


#924, Beach Shop

I was late getting to Coney Island, giving me no time to warm up while I was still in Manhattan. This was my second photo, which I'm fairly pleased with, but I still wish I had more time.

All of the photos taken in Coney Island (spring 2011 - I reserve the right to go back) were captured with a Hasselblad 500c/m camera, 150mm T* CF f/4 lens, and portra 400 speed film. For the sake of convenience, this is the only entry that I'm giving all of those tags to.


#068, Atlantic

Every time I'm near a large body of water I'm compelled to take at least one photo that looks like this. I love them and keep trying, even though none of them have ever amounted to anything.

(It's the closest I come to being a good parent.)


#128, The End

It's hard to argue with someone who insists that civilization is about to end when we're standing in Times Square. After all, the evidence is on his side.

But if he really knew what he was talking about, why would he be hanging out here?


#125, Times Square

A short trip to Coney Island included a brief layover in Manhattan.

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