Sunken City: Tread Softly

Last night I had a conversation that led me to think about the similarities between the "Sunken City" landslide in San Pedro, where my father and stepmother live, and "The Brickworks" in Toronto where I am. They're both urban blights that have fallen into disuse and decay. They're hangouts for kids who want to do things that shouldn't be seen. Both are very dangerous to those who are careless and demand respect if they're to be visited safely. Authorities attempt to keep people out, which is continually challenged by the people who want to get in. And they're my favourite places to photograph, always changing and full of possibilities.

I've had a very photogenic couple of months, and I'm in danger of missing photos that I like simply because they're older. Rather than let these accumulate electronic dust, I've decided to gather my favourites and present them all at once. You can see all of my photos on one page by using the search toolbar to find the term "sunken city".

"Sunken City" Landslide, San Pedro, California.

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